Possible Worlds Boxed Set

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From game designer Tyler Crumrine, this box contains six innovative tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs) printed as pocket-sized, wire-bound guidebooks. Ranging from comedic to contemplative, each game collected here is simple enough to play with no preparation, but robust enough to play hundreds of times over without ever telling the same story twice.

The 2021 Boxed Set collects the following 6 games at a 30% discount:

DATING.SIM: A light-hearted romance RPG for three or more players that emulates dating simulation video games and reality TV.

HOUNDS: A dice-stacking RPG for one or more players about the bond between a pilot and their AI-linked mech companion.

GRANDPA’S FARM: A letter-writing RPG for one or more players inspired by slow-life games like Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, and Animal Crossing.

SCENE THIEVES: A theatrical RPG for two or more players where a troupe of thieves put on a play while performing a heist in the background.

WISHLESS: A wish-hunting RPG for two or more players where every living person was granted three wishes and you’ve already used yours.

SINGLE UNIQUE POWER: A worldbuilding RPG where two or more players create superpowered characters and rival factions.

Box art by Austin Breed.

For a complimentary PDFs of each game, forward proof of physical purchase.