HOUNDs is a dice-stacking roleplaying game about the bond between a mech pilot and their robot companion. HOUND stands for a Human-Operated Utility-Neurolink Device, and authorities want to erase your mech’s memories, deleting your friendship. Escape is unlikely, but you’re determined to resist.

Each turn, you’ll overcome obstacles and accrue Stress as a result. Whenever Stress is gained, dice are also added to a tower in the center of your playspace. When that tower of stacked dice falls, your HOUND is damaged and loses a memory in the process. When six memories have been lost, the game ends.

Sessions always focus on a single HOUND and pilot, but can be played with any number of participants. This guidebook also includes modifications for playing without a tower if stacking dice is ever an issue.

To play HOUNDs, you’ll need:
  • One or more players
  • A minimum of 3 six-sided dice (d6)
  • ~20 six-sided dice for tower play (optional)
  • Writing materials (paper and writing utensils)
  • A tray or box lid to avoid dice scatter (optional)

HOUNDs is printed as a 30-page, 4.5x5.5", pocket-sized paperback, and modifications are included for online play. A PDF-only copy of the game can be bought at a discount on itch.io.

For a complimentary PDF, forward proof of physical purchase.

Illustrated by Vincent Patrick.