BAD BAD BAD: 11-Card Ashcan Edition

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Designed in collaboration with illustrator Kelly K., BAD BAD BAD is a card-based TTRPG inspired by fan fiction, creepypastas, and universe-hopping games like Kingdom Hearts. Featuring a character deck that doubles as a resolution mechanic, you play as delinquents transported to corrupt versions of real-life media properties attempting to return to your own world. A departure from worldbuilding-centric TTRPGs, BAD BAD BAD embraces action-figure-style roleplaying, encouraging you to pick up and play with other creators' toys!

Currently under development, this 11-card "ashcan" edition (a comics term for small print runs of works in progress) has just enough cards to play BAD BAD BAD before its eventual full, 52-card release.

Publishing ashcan editions allows us to receive feedback from a wider array of players before locking in a game's final rules and contents. If you'd like to offer feedback on BAD BAD BAD, feel free to contact us directly or to join our playtest Discord where you can talk to the team, connect with other players, and follow the game's development in real time.

To play the BAD BAD BAD ashcan, you’ll need:
  • Two or more players
  • One standard, 52-card deck of playing cards
  • Writing materials (paper and writing utensils)

This ashcan edition consists of 8 character cards and 3 double-sided rules cards printed on embossed, poker-sized card stock, with rounded-corners and low-gloss UV coating. They ship bound in plastic and stored in a 3x5" cotton muslin drawstring bag.