Wishless is a roleplaying game set in a world where, once upon a time, every living person was given three wishes. Players portray wish-seekers called Hunters who’ve already used their wishes and are chasing down Leads on the existence of new and unused ones.

Players roll dice in Wishless to overcome obstacles, and situation-relevant skills and wishes increase the odds of their rolls. Players can also intentionally decrease their odds by making plot wagers, assuring certain plot developments regardless of a roll’s success.

Wishless requires one player to take on the role of the Secretary, describing the world of the game and the impact Hunters have on it. They don’t need to do any preparation, but should be comfortable improvising story beats based on player suggestions. Wishless can also be played in a single sitting or over multiple game sessions to create a longer, campaign-style story.

To play Wishless, you’ll need:
  • Two or more players (one playing the Secretary)
  • Two six-sided dice (2d6) per player
  • A stack of notecards (3” x 5” recommended)
  • Writing materials (paper and writing utensils)

Wishless is printed as a 30-page, 4.5x5.5", pocket-sized paperback, and modifications are included for online play. A PDF-only copy of the game can be bought at a discount on itch.io.

For a complimentary PDF, forward proof of physical purchase.

Illustrated by Jimmy Knives.